Backtrack Compatible Wireless Adapters Review 2

By | April 29, 2013

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AliExpress AWUS036H

This is a great card for Backtrack; it uses the RT8187L chipset which is well known to Backtrack and a popular one at that. It is probably one of the more widely used Backtrack USB adapters out there. In fact the one I ordered came with a Backtrack boot DVD and instructions.
I did some penetration testing with this card and found it to be fast, strong and reliable. All of this was done with Backtrack 5 and VMware. The card also came with drivers but I did not have to use them. As for the range I think this is one of the better cards I have used or at least equal to other top cards. It picks up signals from very far away.
A combination of range and the price (this adapter comes cheap) makes this impressive. Most ship with the 5 dbi 1000 mW antenna but can be upgraded to the 7 or 9 dbi 2000 mW. There are YouTube videos that show how to unlock some features of the card also which I have not tried yet.
If needed it also works well with windows XP and Windows 7 although I did have to update the Windows 7 drivers from their website which was quick and easy.
WPA/WPA2 capture with Backtrack 5 with Alfa AWUS036H USB adapter.

Videos Cracking WEP Encryption with Backtrack using the Alfa AWUS036H

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6 thoughts on “Backtrack Compatible Wireless Adapters Review 2

  1. hack wifi

    The range of this wifi adapter is amazingly good. Windows has drivers for this and so do most Linux distros. Works with injection and the Aircrack packages in linux as well!

  2. Steveo

    This is the best card for use with Backtrack in my opinion.There is lots of documentation on the web about this adapter which makes it easy to find help when problems come up.

  3. Tiraid

    I use the alfa AWUS036H and it fits all my needs. I don’t know why anyone would spend more money on a wireless n adapter when this alfa adapter will work with any n network. Especially if only used to boost a signals strength. .


    I have this adapter and love it. I ordered a 10 dbi antenna that realy increased my range. You cant go wrong with this adapter.

  5. Jon

    I have this adapter and it works great with Backtrack. Does it work good with Kali Linux?

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