Cheap Low Cost Patio Furniture Ideas

By | February 20, 2016

If you have ever gone shopping for patio furniture than you know the prices are not cheap.
While most is not cheap there are some options to help lively up a home while on a budget.
For the DIY type person there is even more options so lets take a look at a few we found.
Do-It-Yourself Option
Fixing up old patio furniture is a good option for low cost outside chairs and tables.

You may already have a old set that can be refurbished or pieces can be bought cheap at a swap meet or yard sale and fixed up.
Not everyone is a DIY type of person, but there are many nice looking refurbished outdoor sets that when done right look good.

Beside the DIY used furniture the only other option would be to buy a set. With cost in mind lets take a look at some popular options.
Ideas Under a $100 Dollars
This cute small three peice set is made to fold up for easy storage when needed.


This is a table only which can be used most anywhere or combined with low cost chairs.


A low cost folding chair it can be used in combination with a table like the table above and still be under $100 dollars.


Ideas Under a $200 Dollars
This outdoor Wicker set comes with a table and two chairs.

The chairs can slide under the side of the table if needed.


Crossman makes this 3 piece all-weather set that includes two chairs and a glass table.

Ideas Under a $300 Dollars
GHP Outdoor Garden Patio 4-Piece Cushioned Seat Mix Gray Wicker Sofa Furniture Set

This 4-Piece wicker set is a nice option that includes three chairs a table and the cushions.
It is well built and can fit into most any environment from poolside to a small backyard patio.

Steel frame with Wicker make this 4 piece set a nice option.

There are a few options to make your yard or open space more inviting and comfortable even on a budget.
Do-It-Yourself projects may seem to hard at first to some but while challenging can make for some nice sets that are not only unique but cheap.
Tables and chairs can also be bought single and joined with an existing piece or combined with a new piece bought at a later time.
Do you have any good ideas for outdoor patio furniture without breaking the bank. Let us know in the comments.