Obi100 review along with Google voice to make and receive free calls from a house phone

By | February 9, 2015

The OBi100 is a device that hooks to a router and a standard house phone and allows you to make and receive free calls, in conjunction with Google voice or other SIP providers.
I found this device to be very handy. I have not had a house phone in many years and had switched to only using my cell phone. This device works over your broadband internet connection to bring a free home phone to your house. It works much like Magic jack only unlike Magic jack there is no fee.
There is a bit of a setup to connect it to Google Voice but along with watching a few YouTube videos I found it fairly simple. If you are not good with computers watching one of these videos beforehand would be a good idea to be sure you will not have any problems.
1. Like magic jack but free.
2. Have a phone to use to find cell phone when lost. (Happens to me all the time)
3. Don’t run up minutes with a limited cell phone plan.
4. Use Google voice for a new phone number.
5. Great for people that don’t like new technology and like a old hand phone with a dial tone.
6. Use Smartphone apps to connect to the obi and not run up cell minutes.
1. Cannot dial emergency numbers
2. Setup with Google voice may not be for everyone.
3. There is no guarantee that Google voice will always be free requiring a new setup at some point.
4. There is a onetime fee to buy the Obi100
5. If bandwidth is running slow echoing may be heard.
Overall I like theOBi100 and plan on keeping around. I love the idea of using something for free (Besides the initial cost of buying it). I have only had it three days so I will update things if I find more problems. If anyone is currently using a Obi100 please give us your comments and experience with it.