What is The Best Bread Machine?

By | February 11, 2015

The best bread machine will always be a mater of opinion but my absolute favorite is the 8695 Backmeister Onyx it has everything wanted in a high quality bread machine.
Both the bread tasted results are convincing, and the technical details, and handling are more than user-friendly.
In addition to the standard features of this bread machine also stands out, especially through its extras. Cakes and rolls easily succeed and the result is outstanding. This bread machine, makes daily eating really enjoyable.
In use, how quiet the bread machine works is amazing, especially in comparison to other bread machines.
Also it is characterized by its especially elegant design, which is why it is readily suited for the kitchen as a lovely looking device. The cleaning is little effort and does not distract from the superb baking results.
A special bonus is an additional baking function called baking bun. You will turn out perfect buns and offer an alternative to bread.
It can bake bread that is in no way inferior to baking in a oven.
Everyone has a different idea in terms of the consistency of the bread, or the crust. While the programs offer different levels, but must first be manually tested to find out your personal favorites.
The 8695 can overheat if constantly used and needs half an hour to cool down between baking.
Product Features
Number of programs: 12
Display CD display and soft touch controls
Gluten-Free Baking: yes
Max bread. Weight: 1000 g